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Hibiscus Tea is Shown to Lower Blood Pressure.

Hibiscus is a common flowering plant found in many gardens and floral shops. Hibiscus flowers are made into tea in many cultures. Hibiscus flowers have many medicinal compounds found in them. Some of the medicinal chemicals found in Hibiscus have been shown to lower blood pressure. Studies have found that people who consume three or more cups per day of Hibiscus tea have, on average, a reduction in blood pressure of about 10 percent. A recent study found that people with pre-hypertension, the beginning stages of high blood pressure, had a trend towards normal blood pressure after consuming Hibiscus Tea. Nutri Pharma features Organically Hip Hibiscus Tea by NOW Foods. See the full story at:

Whey Protein May Help with Weight Loss and Heart Health.

According to the journal Obesity Review, researchers have found that supplementation with whey protein can help regulate blood sugar, reduce weight, and help reduce high blood pressure. The studies in question supplemented the test subjects with 20-55gm of whey protein daily for up to 6 months. The studies found that blood sugar control was improved as measured by a 31-57% increase in insulin response, weight loss in the whey protein group was double the weight loss of the placebo group, and blood pressure was reduced about 5% in the whey protein group vs. placebo. Nutri Pharma features a number of different whey protein products from NOW foods and Metagenics. See the full story at:

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