One big difference between Nutri Pharma and other health food & supplement stores is our consultation services. Nutri Pharma offers 3 different levels of consultation services with our Doctor of Pharmacy.

Level 1 : The first level is a one-time basic nutritional consultation. The basic consultation will establish a baseline nutritional status, identify and address key problems and areas of concern, and establish goals for you to strive for.

Level 2: The second level is the in-depth nutritional consultation. The in-depth consultation involves meeting with the Pharmacist 3 times and expands on the basic consultation by following up on the initial consultation and adjusting recommendations based on initial response and concerns. In the in-depth consult, goals established at baseline are tracked for success and recommendations are adjusted for long term success.

Level 3: The 3rd level of consultation is the 6-session lifestyle improvement program. The goal of the lifestyle improvement program is to assess your total health and nutritional status, address major concerns, including weight loss, and other health problems and concerns. The lifestyle improvement program tailors a nutrition plan to your specific needs and can be adjusted, as needed, at your monthly appointments. Over the course of your 6 appointments you will learn about healthy lifestyle habits, optimal nutrition strategies, and establishing a lifetime of healthy living.

All three consultations include 1 year free in our Nutri Pharma Rewards Program including all the benefits included in that program. Contact us today for more information on Nutri Pharma’s Nutrition Consultations.

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